Abi has an engaging style of coaching, that will enable you to feel confident, authentic and much more effective.

She will work with you to develop a dynamic, creative partnership: bringing insight and expertise, encouragement and challenge. This makes for a safe and rich learning environment, where progress towards your goals can be rapid.

Development Programmes

Presentations and Public Speaking
Personal Impact
Leadership Presence for Women
Leadership and Management Development
Confidence and Assertiveness
Interview Preparation and Going for Promotion
Transitioning into a New Role
Courageous Conversations

Programme Format

All the above are bespoke programmes, designed to meet different needs and specific development areas.

There are a range of options:

Three Month Development Programmes; One, Two or Three Day Workshops

This is the ideal way for groups to really address issues and achieve transformation. Learning in this way allows participants to apply the learning to their workplace, in-between workshops. Follow-up workshops enable incremental development, which becomes embedded and fully sustained.

Sprint Sessions

Typically ninety minutes to two hours long. This is a good way to focus on a specific skill, for groups who are pushed for time.

One to One

A typical session lasts for two hours. Three to six sessions is the ideal way to really deal with an issue.

Contact Abi to discuss any of these options or your requirements