The course was very insightful and provided me with feedback on my personal impact in a variety of realistic client scenarios.”

The workshops were enjoyable and practical and kept energy levels high at all times; Abi was very engaging and not afraid to give constructive feedback to all of the delegates.

I would thoroughly recommend the course.

Personal Impact Course

I thought it was a very useful course and everything contained within it did transfer directly into our working practice.

The best part of this course was that it was interactive and all exercises were completed with colleagues using real examples of what people were experiencing or had experienced in the past. It was not simply a – ‘to be a great leader you must do x,y and z.

This is the only course I have ever left and would be happy to go on again! To be able to remember the content as I still do after all this time is a testament in itself!

This course made a huge difference to how I manage upwards and downwards, and enabled me to see the bad habits I had got into and how to change them.

My managers have noticed a change in how I challenge and support them, one even said they feel like I really take time to understand what and why they have done what they have done, and that she doesn’t feel nervous about making a decision as she knows I will help her get it right next time; my support has a better effect for them and the business in the long run. Thanks this was the best course in terms of my development yet.

Leadership Development

Abi is an excellent facilitator. I was fully engaged for two days and totally connected with her.

She was an effective facilitator both on and off the classroom. She is very diligent and ensures that all her presentations are made simple. She possesses a great knowledge of the topics.

I was expecting to be bombarded with material, however, I was taught practical skills for both presenting and for coping when I am too nervous.

Presenting Skills Workshop

It has been tranformational. It drew out what was in me. It made me challenge my fear and allowed me to find better ways of doing what I do.I enjoyed it so much that I would do it again. Abi and her team were excellent. Such skill, talent and awareness. I am blown away.
HR Manager

Challenging, emotional at times, reassuring, confidence boosting, empowering, thought provoking. Thank you for the opportunity to meet and make friends with other women in our business!
Head of Bid Management

Abi and her team are incredibly astute, their observations and feedback have provided genuine light bulb moments for me and made me recognise behaviours I would have otherwise been oblivious to.
Programme Support Manager

Transformational. The best course I’ve been on so far by a mile.

Leadership Presence for Women